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7 Cultures in Evony: Exploring Global Civilizations

Europe civilization in Evony
In , the inclusion of various enriches the gameplay. Players have the option to select Cultures based on their interests, offering a taste of each society's unique characteristics.

No.1 Europe

When the darkness of barbarism comes, chivalry rises from the chaos. Warriors of Europe, raise your sword and revive heroes' glory again.

Culture Features:

  • Bianco Romano – Stone Production +10%
  • Knighthood – Mounted Troop Attack +5%
  • Adventurer – March Speed to Monsters +5%

No.2 China

The Tang Dynasty wakes up in the morning bell of Chang'an. When the flames of war rise, the Chinese descendants are ready to offer their blood and loyalty to the earth.

Culture Features:

  • Wooden Ox and Gliding Horse – Troop Load +5%
  • Master Sun's Art of War – Ground Troop Attack +5%
  • Papermaking – Research Speed +3%

No.3 Japan

When the spring breeze blows over the fields of one's hometown, every blade of grass is watered by the blood of the warriors. For those who are brave and view life as fleeting as morning dew, this is precisely your splendid world.

Culture Features:

  • Rice Transplanting – Food Production +10%
  • Samurai Armor – Ground Troop Defense +5%
  • Katana Forging – Crafting Speed +8%

No.4 Korea

Take the mountains as the barrier and rivers as the border. Korean warriors are born to fight, if one of them keeps the road, he will frighten a thousand people.

Culture Features:

  • Axe and Saw Modification – Lumber Production +10%
  • The Divine Weapon – Ranged Troop Attack +5%
  • Dongui Bogam – Healing Speed +5%

No.5 America

A new land of hope, a free United States of America. What you have to do is to be like a real hero, fighting for the devotion in your heart!

Culture Features:

  • Global Trade – Gold Levy +5%
  • Modern Weapon – Siege Machine Attack+5%
  • Mercenary – Training Speed +3%

No.6 Russia

The cold of the Northern tempered the will of the soldiers, and the strong enemy kept them on guard at all times. Russian warriors, you will overcome all difficulties and conquer the end of the continent!

Culture Features:

  • Metallurgy – Ore Production +10%
  • Cossack – Mounted Troop Defense +5%
  • Trap Master – Traps Building Speed +10%

No.7 Arabia

The ancient land kept the heritage of wisdom, and legendary wealth hidden in the depths of the desert. The desert heroes have awakened, and they are on a journey to build eternal glory.

Culture Features:

  • Buried Treasure – Gems Gathering Speed +5%
  • Nomadism – Mounted Troop HP +5%
  • Arabian Nights – Bonus from Offering +5%
Marx and Engels put forward the proposition of “transformation from history to world history” in the German Ideology, which supports our understanding of the development trajectory of human civilization. Diversity is the very nature of civilization, and cultural diversity is our precious common heritage. Evony is an inclusive and open game with a diverse civilization, which provides a platform for players to make friends, communicate, and learn from each other.


  • Players can choose their own Civilization when entering the game.
  • Players who have selected a civilization can also enter the “Culture Feature” in “Keep” and click “Change Culture” to change another Civilization they want to experience.
  • When “Keep” reaches level 6, players will get a free chance to change civilizations by opening the Growth Package.
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