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A Guide to Evony Napoleon Collaboration Party II Event

Rose Garden Scene
has released the Party II Event for several days. And there are many new things online now. In order to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of what new things we can get through this event, we have compiled a list and added the ways to obtain each new thing in this guide.

Epic Historic General Suchet

Original Special Skill: Increases ground troops' and HP by 45% and increases ground troops and mounted troops' defense by 25% when the is leading the army to attack.
During the Napoleon Collaboration Part II, the fastest way to obtain General is to use the Epic Historic General Premium Token and participate in the Historic General Summoning Event. You can get the token from the 5th-tier Bonaparte Dynasty Sale Package and the necessary item to join the summoning event is also in this package.

Marshal of the Empire – Suchet Skin

Use to activate:
  • Marching Ground Troop HP +10%
  • Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP -10%
You can acquire Suchet's at the Imperial Ceremony Event.
This event can be found in “”.
During the event, you need to collect Sword of Merit *2500 to redeem Suchet's General Skin, – Suchet.
So, how to get the “Sword of Merit”?
In this event interface, how many Napoleon Gold Coins you use on the Imperial Ceremony page will be automatically converted into how many Swords of Merit are on the Redeem page. You can get the Napoleon Gold Coin from the Bonaparte Dynasty Sale Package.

Special Items in Napoleon's Party Event

Epic Historic General Michael VIII

You can claim General Michael VIII from the Lv10 party cake of Napoleon's Party Event.

Scene – Rose Garden

You can get the Rosw Garden Scene from Napoleon's Party when your party cake reaches Lv7.
This Scene can not only be used as the Scene of Josephine but can also be used as the Scene of your own Monarch Skin.
Rose Garden Scene
Rose Garden Scene

Josephine's – Duchess of Navarre

During the Napoleon's Party, you can claim the Bourbon Roses if your party cake reaches Lv10.
Use the Bourbon Roses to receive the Champion Skin – Duchess of Navarre.
By the way, if you missed getting Champion Josephine in the first round of the Evony & Napoleon Collaboration Event, you can still get it in this round. You need to get your party cake to Lv5 at Napoleon's Party so that you can receive the necessary item to unlock Josephine, the Crown of Empress.
Josephine Skin Buffs
  Own to activate:
  • Reinforcement Capacity +10%
  Use to activate:
  • Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +10%

Monarch Image

Evony has released two new Monarch Images, Clown and Monarch Image – The Greatest Showwoman.
You can purchase the Night Shadow Circus Package to get the Night Shadow Circus Monarch Image Chest. Open the chest to get either Clown or The Greatest Showwoman. After you have obtained the two Monarch Images, this chest can be a gift for your friends in the game or be used to get other rare items.

Nameplate – Napoleon's Crown

After reaching the latest Napoleon Collaboration Fame, Majesty of the Empire, you can get great rewards, including Napoleon's Crown .
To unlock this Fame you need to complete the required tasks:
  1. Ascending Suchet
Ascend General Suchet to Star Lv10
  1. Marshal of the Empire – Suchet
Unlock General Skin Marshal of the Empire – Suchet
Unlock Sphinx Castle
Upgrade Ornament – House of Invalids to Lv10

Castle Skins

Sphinx Castle

The Attributes of Sphinx Castle
  Own to activate:
  • Construction Speed +5%
  Use to activate:
  • Training Speed +5%
  • March Speed to Monsters +10%
  • Gathering Speed +5%
The Way to Gain Sphinx Castle
Entrance: The Legend of Napoleon -> Expedition to Egypt
If you win the top 3 of the Expedition to Egypt Event, you will receive the Sphinx Castle (Premium).

Castles can be obtained from Dwarf's Treasure:

  1. Decoration
Rose York
  Own to activate:
  • Training Speed +10%
  Use to activate:
  • Marching Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • Marching Ranged Troop Defense +20%
  • Marching Ranged Troop HP +20%
Rose Lancaster
  Own to activate:
  • Training Speed +10%
  Use to activate:
  • Marching Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Marching Siege Machine Defense +20%
  • Marching Siege Machine HP +20%
  1.   Own to activate:
    • Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters +5%
      Use to activate:
    • Gathering Speed +10%
    • March Speed to Monsters +10%
    • March Speed +10%
  1. Aozora Castle
      No Attributes

Ideal Land Ornament

  1. House of Invalids

Max Level Attributes:
  • Prosperity Point +800
  • March Size Capacity +5000
  • Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -10%
  • In-Rally Ground Troop HP +10%
You can get the House of Invalids from the Voyage to Civilizations Event.
    • Prosperity Point +20
You can get it from Napoleon's Journey Event. Enter Napoleon's Treasure page of this event, and you can use a certain number of Crown of Coronation to redeem the Napoleon Cannon. The event can be found in “The Legend of Napoleon”.
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