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Benefits of Appointing General Pericles as Hospital Officer in Evony

Evony Epic Historic General Pericles
was a Greek politician and General during the Golden Age of Athens, who was prominent and influential in Athenian politics. In Evony, General Pericles is a who can bring many beneficial effects to each when he is appointed as a . Let us take a look at his Story, Special Skill, and Specialty. And explore how to obtain Pericles at the end of the article.

The Story of Pericles

Standing in the Athenian Agora in the 5th century BC, Pericles delivered an impassioned speech to the people, describing Athens' great vision of dominance in the Greek world and promising to make Athens glorious.
As the leader of Athens, Pericles displayed exceptional talent as a great ruler. With his extraordinary charm and eloquence, he not only convinced his opponents but also made them his allies. He then led the navy on an expedition to raid the coast of the Peloponnese, defeating the Spartan army and demonstrating Athens' unparalleled maritime supremacy.
While achieving victory, Pericles also carried out various reforms, further expanding Athenian democracy and bringing Athens to the height of prosperity known as the “Age of Pericles.”
Evony Epic Historic General Pericles
Evony Pericles

The Special Skill of Pericles

When Pericles is the Hospital Officer:
  • Original Attributes: +25% and Troops HP +10%
  • 1 Star: In-city Ranged Troop and Defense and HP+20%
  • 2 Star: Hospital Capacity +10%; In-city Ground Troop and HP +20%
  • 3 Star: +15%; In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +20%
  • 4 Star: In-city Troop +10% and HP +25%
  • 5 Star: In-city Troop Attack +15% and Defense +25%

The Specialty of Pericles (Max Level Attributes)

  1. Siege Machine Defense: Siege Machine HP and Defense +10%
  2. Sabotage: Defense -10%
  3. Sage (Applied to Hospital Officer): Healing Speed +20%
  4. Age of Pericles (Applied to Hospital Officer): Healing Speed +30%; In-city Troop Defense +10%

The Way to Get Pericles

Join Evony's , and you will find General Pericles at the King's Party in the interface. During the event, you need to purchase basic Gems to increase the level of . When your Party Cake reaches Lv.10, you can receive the Epic Historic General Pericles.
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