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Complete Guide on Evony New Cavalry General Jayavarman II

Evony Epic Historic General Jayavarman II
As the first king of the Khmer Empire, unified the Khmer civilization. In Evony, Jayavarman II is a cavalry general who can bring buffs to mounted troops. This General is available in Evony with the launch of the events. In this article, we will introduce his Story, Special Skill, Specialty, . Moreover, this article will list the way to obtain General Jayavarman II as much as possible. In the end, we will give our suggestions on how to match this General.

General Story of Jayavarman II

Atop the summit of Mount Kulen in 802, Jayavarman II, adorned in splendid attire and wielding a scepter, was crowned Emperor of the Khmer Empire amidst the loyalty of his subjects. His coronation was more than a mere ceremony; it was a response to a national crisis.
To deal with the situation of being surrounded by formidable enemies, Jayavarman II demonstrated extraordinary leadership and military genius. He bravely led his troops against the principalities with unwavering will and unparalleled strategic foresight, successfully eliminating the empire's adversaries and creating a military legend known for its invincibility.
He then moved the capital to Angkor and along the way conquered various principalities. This established the political and cultural framework of the Khmer Empire for centuries, turning it into one of the most powerful and resplendent empires in Southeast Asia at the time.
Jayavarman II founded the first centralized monarchy in the history of Cambodia, leaving a profound impact on future generations, hence he is considered one of the greatest monarchs in Cambodian history.

Special Skill of Jayavarman II

Khmer King:
Increases mounted troops' by 45% and increases ground troops and mounted troops' defense and HP by 25% when the General is leading the army to attack.
1★ – Attack +5% and HP +15%
2★ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +8%
3★ – Marching +8% and HP +5%
4★ – Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +20% and HP +30%
5★ – Marching Mounted Troop Attack +25%, Defense, and HP +15%

Max-Level Specialty of Jayavarman II

  • Mounted Troop Defense: Mounted Troop HP and Defense +10%
  • Strike: March Speed +10%; Marching Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  • Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • King of Lower Chenla: Mounted Troop Attack +40%; Attack Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +10%; Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Defense +20%

General Covenant of Jayavarman II

The generals who have the Covenant with Jayavarman II are , Ly Thuong Kiet, and Trần Hưng Đạo.
War Covenant:
  • Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters +15%
Cooperation Covenant:
  • In-Rally Mounted Troop Defense +5%
  • Training Speed +5%
Peace Covenant:
  • Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +10%
  • Mounted Troop Training Capacity +10%
Faith Covenant:
  • In-Rally Mounted Troop HP +10%
  • In-Rally Mounted Troop Attack +5%
Honor Covenant:
  • Marching Mounted Troop Attack +15%
Civilization Covenant:
  • Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  • March Size Capacity +5%
Among the above covenant attributes, only “Training Speed +5%” and “Mounted Troop Training Capacity +10%” are attributes that take effect unconditionally, and the rest are only effective for this general.

How to Obtain Jayavarman II


During Evony's Carnival Week, you can use the Epic Historic General Glory to summon General Jayavarman II at the Historic General Summoning Event. The probability of obtaining this general will increase greatly during this time. The Epic Historic General Glory can be received from the final tier of the event packages.

General Token(s)

Epic General, Epic Historic General, Epic Historic General (Premium)
In addition to the routine 5th-tier event packages, VIP Premium Package, Champion Loyalty Rewards, Limited Offer event, during the Carnival Week, there are also the following activities to obtain General Tokens.
During the Alliance Competition event, you can claim General Tokens from the Monarch Scores Rewards.
  • Novice League:
Monarch Scores reaches 2,600 to get 1 General Token Chest.
  • Junior League
Get 2 General Token Chests when your Monarch Scores reaches 3,000.
  • Elite League:
Reach 3,500 Monarch Scores to gain the Epic Historic General token.
  • Legendary League:
Claim the Epic Historic General (Premium) token at Monarch Scores 4,300.
  • Epic League:
Monarch Scores 3,400 – Epic Historic General
Monarch Scores 4,200 – Epic Historic General (Premium)
If your server victory in the Server Monarch Competition, the top 3 places will win the General Token(s) in the Total Ranking Rewards.
  • Place 1 – Epic Historic General (Premium)
  • Place 2 – Epic General
  • Place 3 – General Token Chest

How to Pair Jayavarman II

Jayavarman II's Special Skill conflicts with 's Special Skill.
Generals who do not conflict include , André Masséna, , , , Martinus, etc.
When both Special Skill and Specialty are at full level, we found through calculation that among the above generals, the combination of Jayavarman II and Poligenus is the strongest. If you want to use Jayavarman II, we recommend:
– Poligenus
Assistant General – Jayavarman II
However, looking at all the cavalry generals, the strongest Main General is still General Napoleon Prime.
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