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David Guo: Evony has evolved into an more engaging game


Ever since its launch, : The King's Return has evolved into an even more engaging game, offering a polished design, additional features, and myriad player options. This constant innovation serves as a showcase of CEO 's commitment to offering more than just a game—Evony is an entire community where strategy and camaraderie merge seamlessly. The company recently revealed that Evony's global and for the initial eight months of 2023 have been particularly strong in the U.S. region, accounting for 15.5% of new downloads and 58.4% of newly generated Revenue.

Evony's rich gameplay is a delight for both casual gamers and hardcore empire-builders. It captures players' attention by challenging them to manage resources efficiently, especially food. As players advance, their city's demands also increase—a unique gameplay feature that resonates with a broad user base. This is a testament to David Guo's keen understanding of players' desires and expectations.

Version 4.50.0

The recent 4.50.0 update catapults the gaming experience to new heights. It unveils an advanced kingdom system, the debut of Level 45 buildings, and the Council of State for military-political governance. Players can now deploy Level 16 troops, explore the new “Ideal Land” building, and unlock additional Subordinate City slots. The update also refines the game with high-level trap technology, and fresh military formations, and introduces the awakening of Spiritual Beasts' powers.

David Guo's Visionary Approach

In a where user experience sometimes takes a back seat, David Guo serves as an exception. He sees games not just as leisure activities, but as important platforms for social interaction and personal growth. This viewpoint is deeply ingrained in 's ethos of fostering a nurturing work environment that prioritizes innovation.

Teamwork and Innovation: A Shared Vision

It's not just David Guo leading the charge at Top Games Inc.; Executive Vice President also believes that innovation is a democratic process. The development team, therefore, focuses on excellence rather than chasing an unrealistic ideal of perfection. This balanced approach has resulted in successful games like “Mafia Origins” and “Z Plague,” both earning impressive ratings on the Google Play Store.

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

David Guo has always placed players at the core of Top Games Inc.'s marketing strategies. Whether it's traditional advertising or digital campaigns, Guo stresses, “Our games are platforms where players can form deep bonds. Our mission is to continually refine this experience.” This philosophy has helped build a loyal user base, further extending the company's reach and reputation.

With the recent release of updated data, Evony's core metrics for 2023 demonstrate steady growth. By the close of the year, the game is projected to exhibit an upward trend in both in-app purchases and new downloads. This performance serves as an indicator of the effective management and guidance provided by David Guo and his team, contributing to the game development team's balanced and constructive progress.

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