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David Guo: The Maestro Behind Evony’s Success


In a turbulent economic year, mobile gaming stood resilient, with ‘s flagship game, , rising as a shining example. The global gaming market in 2022 amassed $184 billion, and despite a 4.3% decline from the previous year, alone contributed a staggering $92 billion. Game also saw an uptick, touching the 90 billion mark, a leap from 2021. Hyper-casual games fueled this growth, but strategy games like Evony held their own, especially in key markets like China, India, and the U.S.

Evony, developed by Top Games, Inc., has carved its niche as a war strategy game for mobiles. Under the of CEO David Guo and VP , the game continues to engage its community through daily activities, seasonal events, and innovative partnerships. Their efforts culminated in multiple awards in 2022, including the much-coveted “Best MMO Award” from the Samsung store. According to, it also ranked fifth among the top ten U.S.-based mid-core games.

David Guo: A tech-savvy innovator

David graduated from Sun Yat-sen University and boasts an impressive track record. He's behind a host of technological marvels like the Skynet firewall and a global digital currency platform. Yet, his true passion lies in gaming. At Top Games, he's all about crafting games that resonate with players. “Design games from a player's vantage point,” is his guiding principle.

But it's not just about Evony. Top Games has a diversified game portfolio featuring other popular titles like “Infinity Clan,” “Mafia Origin,” and “Plague of Z.” David Guo elaborated on the company's future plans in a recent interview. He hinted at new titles that would incorporate cooperative gameplay, 3-D sequencing, and real-time strategy elements. “Our goal is to continually enhance the gaming experience and foster a thriving community,” Guo said.

David's two decades of software development leadership are evident in his user-focused philosophy. “More gamers are discovering the fun and innovative offerings that make our games a complete RPG experience,” he noted. Recognizing an industry-wide issue—the neglect of user feedback—he emphasizes the player's perspective in all development processes.

EVONY Is Now Available On PC!

Prepare for an elevated gaming experience as Evony: The King's Return makes its grand debut on PC! Our dedicated R&D team has gone above and beyond to fine-tune and optimize gameplay specifically for the PC environment. Imagine commanding your armies, planning intricate strategies, and exploring vast landscapes—all on a larger, more visually stunning screen that takes your experience to a whole new level! Say goodbye to the limitations of smaller mobile screens; we're offering you an immersive, big-screen adventure that promises to flip your visual imagination on its head. Don't just play the game, get lost in it—Evony's vivid graphics and intricate details have never looked this good. So gear up, strategists! Your favorite MMO war game is now bigger and better than ever.

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