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David Guo: User-Oriented Value-Driven Game Development in Evony


, first released in 2016, quickly captivated players with its multilingual capabilities, realistic scenarios, rich historical backdrop, and diverse game mechanics. As a real-time war SLG, combines various elements, such as main city development, exploration, recruiting historically famous Generals, and epic battles!  The game is now available on PC! The R&D team has carried out in-depth optimization for the side, you can play Evony On The PC Client To Participate In Royal Glory Event.


David Guo emphasizes the importance of player experience

The game's success is largely attributed to the vision and of  and his team's commitment to value-driven game development. Under David Guo's guidance, the team, focused on , crafted the popular Evony. More than three hundred employees have collaborated efficiently to create enjoyable gaming experiences.


David Guo emphasizes the importance of player experience. “Staying user-oriented is crucial,” he says. “A game must resonate with players, not just designers. It should be entertaining yet simple and straightforward.”

David's approach combines insightful leadership with proactive execution. His team rigorously tests products and services, striving for the best outcomes and rapid scaling, all while continually enhancing the gaming experience.

Profile: David Guo

As the co-founder and CEO of , David Guo also called , oversees all key departments. With over a decade of experience in game development, he led the creation of Evony, focusing on user-centric design and efficient execution.

A physics graduate, David initially worked in programming and product management. He created the Skynet firewall, protecting millions of internet users. In 2004, he co-founded a major virtual currency exchange platform, overseeing transactions worth hundreds of millions.

Despite being a gamer, David noticed a lack of focus on user experience in the , which led him to join Top Games Inc., a developer serving gamers in over 150 countries.

Professional Team Under David Guo

Following Evony's accolades, David shared insights with TechBullion about game development and industry trends. His team, dedicated to designing games from the player's perspective, recognizes that gaming is not just entertainment but a significant part of players' lives.

David and his team invest considerable time and resources to enhance player experiences. Top Games Inc.'s titles, including Evony, stand out for their social features. For instance, Evony's alliance system allows players to collaborate, share resources, and communicate, enriching the gaming community

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