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Evony’s Power Structures: Throne, Hero, and Magic Towers


In , strategically positioned spots and buildings outside players' castles play pivotal roles in advancing progress, conquering territories, and fortifying defenses. This article focuses on the , , , and , exploring how players can leverage these structures to their advantage.

City of Throne: The Pinnacle of Achievement

Occupation of the City of Throne is a significant accomplishment in Evony. An leader who holds the City of Throne for five hours during the City of Throne War earns the title of King of the Server. This event occurs every weekend, with NPC troops guarding the City of Throne initially. After the first King is crowned, the City of Throne remains inaccessible until the following weekend.

The King wields considerable power, including setting server rules, sending King's Mail to top Alliance Leaders and R4 members, and bestowing titles with various effects on players. These titles range from positive (Official) to negative (Underclass). Additionally, the King can rename the Server and distribute King's Gifts.

During Server Wars, occupying the City of Throne on an enemy Server can significantly benefit your own Server. Victorious occupiers receive the of Conqueror and transfer half of the enemy Server's scores to their Server.

Throne Tower, Hero Tower, and Magic Tower

The City of Throne War also involves strategic occupation of the Throne Tower, Hero Tower, and Magic Tower, each offering unique advantages.

Throne Tower

Occupying the Throne Tower within 180 seconds enables it to enemy troops in the City of Throne, repeating this attack every 300 seconds.

Hero Tower

Control of the Hero Tower provides several benefits:

  • Boosts the occupier's Hospital Capacity by 80%.
  • Increases the occupier's March Size to City of Throne, Magic Tower, and Throne Tower by 600,000.
  • Enhances the entire Alliance's healing speed by 25%.

Magic Tower

Occupation of the Magic Tower yields significant advantages:

  • Holding the Magic Tower for a set duration can either reduce your Alliance's City of Throne occupation time or extend the enemy's occupation time.
  • Boosts the entire Alliance's healing speed by 25%.

These strategic locations in Evony are not just buildings; they represent power, control, and the potential for significant tactical advantages. Understanding and utilizing these structures effectively can be a game-changer in a player's conquest and defense strategies.

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