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Under David Guo: Evony’s U.S. Market Thrives with 3.9 Million New Downloads in the First Eight Months of 2023


Many might recall bursting onto the scene with its iconic Super Bowl 2017 commercial featuring superstars that set the stage for its formidable entry. six years later, the game's appeal has not waned, affirming its exceptional staying power in an aggressively competitive industry. The driving force behind Evony is the global indie game developer and publisher, , led by co-founder and CEO .

Evony Surges in 2023

As disclosed in Top Games Inc.'s latest report, from January to August 2023, Evony garnered 24.9 million new global and generated $216.8 million in . The U.S. market made a significant impact, accounting for nearly 3.9 million of these new downloads and contributing $126.6 million to the revenue stream.

In 2022, Evony earned the title of Best MMO from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Guo. “The success of Evony is a testament to our team's dedication to delivering an enjoyable and engaging experience for players. We're thrilled to be acknowledged by Samsung and remain committed to delivering a fantastic gaming experience to our audience.”

So, what makes Evony remarkable?

Why has it not just survived but thrived amid a sea of fleeting hits? The answer lies in the creative genius steering the phenomenon: David Guo, the visionary behind Top Games Inc. His unique perspective on game development has transformed Evony into more than just a game; it has become a cultural fixture. In upcoming articles, we will delve into David Guo's innovative development philosophy that has not only catapulted Evony to legendary status but also revolutionized how we view mobile gaming.

About David Guo

David Guo, co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., brings over 25 years of experience in software and game development, network security, UX, game theory, and API design. A physics major from Sun Yat-sen University, Guo created the Skynet firewall in 1998, which remains the most popular consumer firewall in China, safeguarding tens of millions of internet users.

Central to Guo's approach to game development is a user-oriented perspective. “The key to success in the is to create games that are outstanding from the player's standpoint, not just the designer's,” he emphasizes.

  • Management Philosophy

The Pursuit of Excellence Rather than chasing perfection, David Guo is dedicated to achieving excellence, continuously refining products to better serve users.

  • Innovative Talent

The Exploration Bootcamp The company's Exploration Bootcamp not only recruits top talent but also aligns them with corporate values. It serves as an incubator for innovation, enhancing the organization's creative culture.

Speed and Responsibility While speed is crucial, the team at Top Games Inc. moves with responsibility. This balance between rapid execution and accountability allows the company to adapt and evolve, positioning it for sustained success in a dynamic industry.

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