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A Guide to Evony’s Legendary General Hammurabi

In , historical figures come to life, offering unique skills and abilities to shape your gaming experience. Today, we delve into the story of , the iconic known for his conquests and the influential Code of Hammurabi. Revered as a lawgiver and conqueror, Hammurabi's legacy extends beyond the annals of history into the strategic gameplay of Evony. In this article, we explore Hammurabi's Special Skill and guide you on how to acquire this formidable
General Hammurabi

The Story of Hammurabi

Hammurabi, the renowned king of Babylon, was both a formidable conqueror and an exemplary lawgiver. Famous for issuing the Code of Hammurabi, he is celebrated for his significant contributions to legal systems, particularly for implementing one of the first codes that emphasized corporal punishment for offenders. In this article, we will explore the General Special Skill and how to acquire Hammurabi in the game.

As the sixth Amorite king of the Old Babylonian Empire, Hammurabi's reign was marked by his conquests of Elam and the city-states of Larsa, Eshnunna, and Mari. His efforts effectively brought the majority of Mesopotamia under Babylonian control.

In a relatively short period, Hammurabi managed to unite the entire region of Mesopotamia under his , subsequently proclaiming himself as the “King of the Amorites.”

During his lifetime, many people revered Hammurabi as a deity. Following his death, his legacy as a great conqueror endured, with Hammurabi remembered for advancing civilization and enforcing reverence to Marduk, Babylon's national deity.

General Special Skill

The Code of Hammurabi – Increases research speed by 10% and increases ranged troops and siege machines' defense by 20% when the General is the .

As an , the star of Hammurabi's Special Skill will be increased with his ascending. Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.

General Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Siege Machine Defense – Siege Machine HP & Defense +10%
  • Bash – Ranged Troop and Siege Machine +10%
  • Sage (Applied to Academy Officer) – Research Speed +10% (Applied to Academy Officer)
  • King of the Amorites (Applied to Academy Officer) – Research Speed +10%, Ranged Troop & Siege Machine HP +20%

The way to get Hammurabi

Hammurabi is a new Epic Historic General who was released at on October 20th. During the Halloween events, players can participate in the King's Party Event, and gain a Party Cake experience by purchasing basic Gems to upgrade the Party Cake's level and gain awesome gifts. When the Party Cake is upgraded to level 10, you can gain the Epic Historic General Hammurabi.

Based on the above introduction of Hammurabi, he is fit to be a in your castle in Evony. When you appoint Hammurabi to be an Academy Officer in your Academy building, your research speed in Academy will be increased.

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