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Mounted Troops General Sun Ce: Strategies in Evony

General Sun Ce

, a renowned Chinese military general and warlord during the Three Kingdoms period, laid the foundation for the state of Eastern Wu. In Evony, Sun Ce is reimagined as a General ideally suited for leading , bolstering the prowess of every . This article delves into Sun Ce's story, his unique abilities in Evony, and how to acquire this influential general.

General Sun Ce
General Sun Ce

In 199, Sun Ce masterfully orchestrated a feigned alliance with Liu Xun, the Administrator of Lujiang Commandery, by presenting lavish gifts and effusive praise. He then requested Liu Xun's assistance to Shangliao County, a target already in Liu Xun's sights. Once Liu Xun's forces were engaged elsewhere, Sun Ce divided his army. Sun Ben led a detachment to block Liu Xun's retreat, while Sun Ce and Zhou Yu commanded 20,000 troops to swiftly capture the capital of Lujiang Commandery. As Liu Xun attempted to return, he was intercepted by Sun Ben's forces. Despite receiving reinforcements led by Huang She, Liu Xun's army was ultimately defeated and captured by Sun Ce. These strategic maneuvers were pivotal in establishing the foundation of Eastern Wu.

Specialty and Skills of General Sun Ce

Special Skill: Young Conqueror

  • Boosts ground and mounted troops' attack by 35% when leading the army.
  • As an Awakened General, Sun Ce's Special Skill star level increases, enhancing each star's unique attributes (details depicted in an accompanying image).

Max Level Attributes

  • : Increases and Defense by 10%.
  • Annihilation: Expands Capacity by 6%; Enhances Attack of Mounted and Ground Troops by 10%.
  • Ares: Boosts Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense by 10%.
  • Conquests in Jiangdong: Increases Mounted Troop Attack by 30%; Mounted Troop Defense by 20%.

Acquiring General Sun Ce

  1. Epic Historic General (Premium)

    • You can obtain him through the (Premium), accessible in various ways including event packages, level 11 Champions, and Limited Offers.
    • During Evony's Happy Spring Festival Event, the chance of obtaining him from the is significantly increased.
  2. Historic General Summoning Event

    • Participate in the Event during the Happy Spring Festival, using the Epic Historic General (Glory) for a higher probability of summoning Sun Ce. This item is available in the 5th-tier event package.

Further methods of acquiring General Sun Ce in Evony may exist, and we are committed to uncovering more information about this game and its characters.

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