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Get General Stilicho from Evony Delphic Oracle Event

General Stilicho
Evony releases the Event from January 13th to 22nd. At this time, will be put in this event. Participating in Apollo's Glory and Artemis' Blessing, players will receive Stilicho and a large number of rewards. Let us take a look.

Apollo's Glory in the Delphic Oracle Event

During the event, players have a chance to obtain Epic Historic General Stilicho by wishing with the . While this may seem like a luck-related part, Evony guarantees that players will get General Stilicho in 240 wishes. And this effect will reset every time players get Historic General (Stilicho).
So, how to get Glory of Astraeus? Players can get it through Resources gathering, Monster killing, and Package purchasing. But it should be noted that players can only get up to 10 Glory of Astraeus from Resource Spots and 20 Glory of Astraeus per day from Monsters every day.
After making a wish with Glory of Astraeus, players can obtain Star Badges. And using Star Badges will redeem precious rewards from the of Artemis' Blessing.

Artemis' Blessing

This event includes two stages:
  1. In the first stage, players can purchase the which contains Glory of Astraeus and other items.
  2. In the second stage, players can purchase which includes . And opening the box, players will have a chance to receive the massive Glory of Astraeus.
During the event, players can also receive the massive Glory of Astraeus and other items by purchasing the .
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