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Get new General Sun Ce & Jiang Ziya at Evony’s Spring Festival Event

General Sun Ce
Evony releases the Happy Spring Festival events on January 20th. During the event, we can get the new and by participating in various events. And new castle decorations and are also released at this event. Besides, Evony opened new events such as Cradle of Civilization and Nian Event for us to experience the Chinese festival atmosphere. This article will discuss the details of Evony‘s Happy Spring Festival events.

Special Events

No.1 Spring Festival Package

This time, the Spring Festival Package includes many rewards such as , , , and (Globus Cruciger). If you purchase the 5th tier package, you will get Barbarian King's Token, Badges, and Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Dragon Head), and will have a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General Sun Ce.

No.2 King's Party Event

You can gain the Party Cake's experiences by purchasing basic Gems. Upgrade the Party Cake's level and you will gain awesome gifts.
  • Gain Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest) at Party Cake level 4.
  • Gain Barracks Officer's at Party Cake level 8.
  • Gain the new castle decoration Babylon Hanging Gardens or Babylon Tower of Babel, the new Epic Historic General Jiang Ziya, and Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy) at Party Cake level 10.

No.3 Historic General Summoning Event

Consuming an Epic Historic General (Glory) can summon an Epic Historic General. During the Spring Festival event, the chance of summoning General Sun Ce will become higher. The Epic Historic General (Glory) can be obtained from the 5th-tier package.

No.4 Cradle of Civilization Event

Evony prepares a new Decoration Collection for players, which is Cradle of Civilization. As mentioned above, when the level of your Party Cake reaches level 10, you will get the new castle decoration Babylon Hanging Gardens or Babylon Tower of Babel. And if you buy the Decoration Collection Package, you can get the Ethereal Realm Chat . Collect all Decorations in the new Collection and players will activate Collection Buff.

No.5 Nian Event

During the Nian Event, players can get awesome rewards by hunting Nian on the world map.

Routine Events

  • Event: Defeat Barbarians' castle to get rewards. When your Personal Score Ranking of the Arctic Barbarians Invasion event reaches the top 5, you can get Castle Decoration – (14 days).
  • Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards: Join the Consuming Return Event to get super value rewards.
  • Historic City Searching Event: Get Clues by killing Monsters, gathering Resources, and purchasing packages. Put Subordinate City Clues in your favorite subordinate pool to have a chance of receiving the . Use the key and you will get the coordination of the Subordinate City.
  • Auction House Event: To bid for Glory Subordinate City Expansion Order, Subordinate City Key, Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments, and many other mysterious goods.
  • Gather Troops and King's Path Events: Complete the corresponding tasks to get rewards.
  • Dwarf's Lucky Apple Event: Kill Monsters and gather Resources to get , and choose a lucky apple to make a wish by consuming Wishing Coins. There is a chance to get dwarf's delicious pies from lucky apples, which can be used for visiting to get great rewards.
  • Other Events: such as Daily Login Rewards, Crazy Eggs, Golem Challenge, Cerberus's Treasure, Holiday Celebration, Resource Tax Gift, Gathering Event, Knight's Treasure, and Golden Goblin.

New Generals

No.1 Sun Ce

Special Skill – Young Conqueror

Increases ground troops and mounted troops' attacks by 35% when the General is leading the army. Use Chinese Historic General Sun Ce to lead mounted troops in Evony.

No.2 Jiang Ziya

General Jiang Ziya
General Jiang Ziya

Special Skill – Six Secret Teachings

Increases ground troops' by 10% and ground troops' defense and HP by 15% when the General is the Barracks Officer.
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