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A Thorough Guide to Getting New Items at Evony’s Carnival Week

Evony General Jayavarman II during Carnival Week
With the arrival of 's , Evony has released a series of new content, including a new , , Castle Skin, March Effects, and special Avatar Frames that can show players' personal charm. At the same time, the PC client activity – is online again, and we can get rewards by logging in to the PC client of Evony. Do you want to quickly learn about the new content of this Carnival Week and how to obtain each item? Please read on!

Carnival Week General Jayavarman II

Epic Historic General :
Initial Special Skill – Increases mounted troops' by 45% and increases ground troops and mounted troops' defense and HP by 25% when he is leading the army to attack.
You can get the General Jayavarman II from the Historic General Summoning Event and the Epic Historic General Premium token in the 5th-tier event package.

New Castle(s) in Carnival Week

– Luan

Own to activate:
  • Healing Speed+10%
Use to activate:
  • In City Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +20%
  • In City Siege Machine Defense +20%
  • In City Siege Machine HP +20%

Song of Courtship – Feng

Own to activate:
  • Healing Speed +10%
Use to activate:
  • Reinforcing Ground Troop Attack +30%
  • Reinforcing Ground Troop Defense +20%
  • Reinforcing Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP +20%
During Evony Carnival Week, you can acquire one of the Song of Courtship Luan and Song of Courtship Feng from the Lv10 Party Cake if you participate in the King's Party event.

– Song of the Phoenix

Own to activate:
  • In City Ground Troop HP +5%
  • Mounted Troop Training Capacity +5%
Phoenix Guards from the Decoration Collection Package.

Carnival Week March Effect

Phoenix Guards March Effect

Purchase the Decoration Collection Package to get the March Effect.

March Effect

During the Royal Glory event, you can gain the Deer Riders March Effect from the Deer Riders Package
Get the Deer Riders March Effect and one of the Colossus castles, and you will unlock the Colossus Covenant Decoration Collection.

Decoration Collection – Colossus Covenant

Own to activate:
  • In City Siege Machine Attack:+5%
  • All Resources Production: +10%

Baldwin IV's General Skin

Divine Guardian –
Use to activate:
  • Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP -10%
  • Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -5%
During Evony's Carnival Week, you can get the General Skin, Divine Guardian – Baldwin IV, at the event.
By the way, there is also an opportunity to acquire General Baldwin IV on the Heroic Feats page of the Glorious Attire event.

Carnival Week Avatar Frame


You can receive the Animated Avatar Frame from the Amethyst Package during the Royal Glory event.

Guardian Knight & Charm Angel Avatar Frame


Ranked according to the number of roses received, the top three on the leaderboard will receive the Charm Angel Avatar Frame.
Ranked according to the number of roses given away, the top three in the ranking will receive the Guardian Knight Avatar Frame.
In addition, the top 50 players on the leaderboard can also receive many other rewards, such as , , Super Resource Chest, Speed Up, and Gold.
  Roses can be obtained in the following ways:
  1. Super Sale Package – Purchase the Garden Exploration Package and Angel's Affinity Package to receive Roses.
  2. – Explore the Hanging Gardens to get a chance of receiving Roses.
  3. Send Gift – Send Ishtar Chests to friends to obtain Roses.
Special reminder:
When you give away 77, 377, or 777 roses at one time, a special server-wide broadcast can be triggered.
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