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Heroes Charge Aired on Super Bowl XLIX under uCool’s CEO Lu Lu

Heroes Charge

, a dynamic RPG and multiplayer online battle arena game, beckons players to gather and train heroes, forge alliances, strengthen their teams, and defeat adversaries in thrilling, addictive, fast-paced gameplay. Offering more than one hundred quests, the game immerses players in a compelling narrative. The game is developed by , an independent video game developer and publisher led by CEO , and established in the US in 2012., Heroes Charge has firmly established itself in the , thereby reinforcing uCool's reputation for producing engaging and challenging online games.

Heroes Charge
Heroes Charge

Spotlight on the Super Bowl

uCool's corporate culture, anchored in responsibility and mutual respect, fosters an environment where innovation and creativity flourish. The company's strategic decision to feature Heroes Charge in a XLIX commercial is a testament to this ethos. This bold move not only catapulted uCool into the limelight but also demonstrated the company's willingness to embrace risk for substantial rewards.

Lu Lu commented, “Our Super Bowl ad not only highlights our mobile game but also, with top-notch talent at the forefront, vividly animates the game and kindles enthusiasm.”

Aligning Corporate Ethos with Bold Marketing

The decision to advertise during the Super Bowl was a calculated move that aligned perfectly with uCool's culture of pursuing excellence and nurturing audacious ideas. This strategy significantly increased the visibility of “Heroes Charge,” setting uCool apart in the competitive tech landscape. The company's philosophy melds a robust work ethic with intelligent marketing strategies, positioning uCool for sustained success and industry .

Lu Lu, the driving force behind uCool, boasts over a decade of serial entrepreneurship, having established multiple successful startups across various sectors such as digital entertainment, instant messaging, and publishing. A Parsons School of Design alumnus, Lu ventured into her entrepreneurial journey in 2009. She has been instrumental in the design, development, and publication of high-quality mobile and online applications, notable examples being Tynon (2012), Digisocial (2012), and Hi (2013).

During her leadership tenure at multiple companies, Lu has adeptly steered diverse, global teams, consisting of hundreds of developers, catering to a user base that spans hundreds of millions. Her trailblazing products have received widespread recognition within the industry, including being named a Top 50 Developer by Pocket Gamer in 2015. This honor is a testament to her unwavering dedication to excellence and her significant influence on the digital entertainment sector.

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