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How to enhance Generals by learning Specialty and Flexible Specialty in Evony?

Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty
learning plays a significant role in enhancing Generals in Evony. Moreover, Evony added a new function, Flexible Specialty, to be an equipable Specialty, which can be put on or taken off by other Epic Historic Generals whose first 3 Specialties have already reached max level.
To understand the Specialty and Flexible Specialty functions further, this article will explain how to learn them and remind some notes.
Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty
Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty

General Specialty

The General Specialty function can only be unlocked when the general level reaches Lv25.
Each general has four original Specialty, each Specialty contains five stages, from low to high Veteran, Master, Expert, Grandmaster, and Genius.
The fourth Specialty can only be unlocked if the first three Specialty are at full level (the Genius stage).
To upgrade each Specialty, you need to consume Gems and different types of Runestones to learn. Generally speaking, in order to increase the efficiency of learning Specialty, you can use the Lucky Stone to increase the rate of gaining double EXP during learning. This rate can be increased to 90% at most, and it requires 10 Lucky Stones.

New Function – Flexible Specialty

The unlocking condition of Flexible Specialty is also that the first three Specialties are all at max level.
Flexible Specialty contains 5 qualities (green, blue, purple, orange, and golden) and each quality contains 20 levels. One star can be unlocked when each quality reaches the max level. The total level cap of each Specialty is 100.
Upgrade the level of the Flexible Specialty needs to consume different types of .
After one quality reaches Lv20, quality promotion is required to continue to upgrade.
Quality promotion needs to consume the same Flexible Specialty's . It takes 10 fragments to go from green quality to blue quality.
You can get the fragments by dismantling the same Flexible Specialty.
The attributes of Flexible Specialty include Basic Attributes and Quality Attributes. The basic attributes will increase with new attributes as the level increases, and the quality attributes will enhance the buff effect as the quality promotion.
There are 9 types of Flexible Specialty, and their attribute directions are in the following table.
Flexible Specialty Name
Basic Attribute & Quality Attribute Direction
Piercing Arrows
Ranged Troop
Precision Arrows
Heavy Legions
Ground Troop
Breaker Legions
Forceful Cavalry
Guerilla Cavalry
Siege Ballista
Siege Machine
Battering Ballista
Iron Curtain
In City Troop

The Way to Get Lucky Stone

  1. PvP

Server War and Battlefield are the main paths to getting the Lucky Stone.
There is a chance to trigger the effect to get Lucky Stones from defeating a Server War player of the enemy server or a Battlefield player of the enemy alliance if both sides' troop power loss is more than 35M.
And the Lucky Favor can be triggered up to 10 times each day.
  1. General Hall

You can also obtain the Lucky Stone through General Hall rewards. First, you need to unlock “” in General Hall I when the Art Hall reaches level 34. Then, after collecting generals Menshikov, Ban Chao, Trajan, and Askia Muhammad, you can get rewards including Lv4 Chest, , and Lucky Stone.

The Way to Get Flexible Specialty

You can get a random Flexible Specialty from the .
And there is a chance to receive the Flexible Specialty Box from “” in the “Visit to ” during Evony's Heavenly Fire Ceremony.
You need to collect enough Guardian Stamps (including ) to explore the garden.
And you can get the Sirrush Stamp from the Ancient Babylon Sale Package, Ishtar Chest, monster killing, Limited Time Promotion, and Gifts of Ancient Babylon Package.
During the Heavenly Fire Ceremony, you can earn the stamp quickly from the new monster .
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