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How to get Main City Defense General Lautaro in Evony

General Lautaro
Evony has recently announced an exciting addition to their in the – the formidable , . Players are already buzzing with anticipation to uncover Lautaro's intriguing backstory, unique Special Skill, and impressive Specialty. Want to know how to acquire this legendary warrior? Keep reading to find out.

The Story of Lautaro

In December 1553, Mapuche forces, led by Vice Toqui Lautaro, attacked and destroyed the Tucapel fort using the battle tactics learned from the Spanish and killed chief conquistador Pedro de Valdivia.
In 1554, Lautaro succeeded in putting together an army of 8,000 men, just in time to confront a punitive expedition under the command of Francisco de Villagra. He organized his forces in four divisions: two charged with containing and wearing down the enemy, a third held in reserve to launch a fresh as the Spanish were about to crumble, and the last charged with cutting off their retreat. After hours of battle, only a small group of Spanish were able to retreat.
Lautaro is acclaimed in Chile as its first general, for uniting the dispersed Mapuche people and leading them in battle.

The Special Skill of Lautaro

– Increases in-city ground troops and mounted troops' attack by 25% and in-city ground troops' defense and HP by 20% when the General is the Main City Defense General.

The Special Skill of Lautaro will be increased by Ascending. and can be used to ascend

Lautaro to improve the star of his Special Skill. Every Star of Special Skill has a different effect, and the details will be shown in the picture below.

The Specialty of Lautaro (Max Level Attributes)

  • Formation – and Defense +10%
  • – Enemy Troop Defense -10%
  • Ground Troop Ares – Ground Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • – In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +20%; In-city Ground Troop Defense +30%; In-city Mounted Troop HP +30%

The way to get Lautaro

No.1 General Portrait Exhibition Event

Lautaro can be received in the Event. Use 500 General Invitations to redeem the third item which can be called “General Hall Ⅱ Historic General”. And you will have a chance to get Lautaro by opening the General Hall Ⅱ Historic General item.
Get Lautaro in General Portrait Exhibition Event
Get Lautaro in General Portrait Exhibition Event

No.2 Event Packages

You can get Epic Historic General (Premium) by purchasing the 5th tier of event packages. Use the Epic Historic General (Premium) to get a chance to receive General Lautaro.

No.3 Champion – Helen & Elisabeth

Upgrade the level of Champion to 11 and above to get Epic Historic General (Premium) which can summon General Lautaro possibly. The Love Box required to upgrade the Champion can be obtained through Resource Gathering, Monster Kill, and Login Rewards. A faster way to upgrade the Champion is to use the , which can be obtained with the Package Purchase.

No.4 Limited Offer

  • Buy the Monthly Package get Ⅳ and open the box to get Epic Historic General (Premium) probably.
  • Buy the final tier of the Monthly Package to get Epic Historic General (Premium).
  • Purchase packages to reach 80 and 250 Points in the interface of to get Epic Historic General (Premium).
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