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David Guo: How Top Games Inc. Achieved Excellence in Mobile Gaming

David Guo-How Top Games Inc. Achieved Excellence in Mobile Gaming

has consistently been a strong performer in the , often ranking in the top 25 game developers on platforms like Google Play and Apple's App Store. As of 2022, the company holds the 21st position on both lists. CEO credits this success to a combination of innovation, customer focus, and the ability to adapt to industry changes.

David Guo-How Top Games Inc. Achieved Excellence in Mobile Gaming


: The King's Return” is a hardcore strategy mobile game that boasts a unique multi-civilization system and chat translation mechanism, setting it apart from the competition. In “Evony,” players can construct cities, train armies, tackle , and expand their empires. Remarkably, even six years after its release, “Evony: The King's Return” continues to reign as one of the most popular real-time strategy MMO and multiplayer online .

, Vice President of Development and Publishing at Top Games Inc., shared insights into the company's approach. He said, “We shifted our focus from pursuing perfection to pursuing excellence when we started development. Constantly chasing perfection would have hindered us in a rapidly evolving market. To achieve excellence, the Top Games team embraces incremental improvements, employing both ‘roof-shooting' and ‘moon-shooting' strategies. The ‘roof plan' represents small, incremental changes leading to significant transformations, while the ‘moon plan' embodies ambitious, revolutionary ideas aimed at major changes. It's through these passionate pursuits that our team identifies and achieves its goals.”

Means of Marketing: A Winning Strategy

Top Games Inc. excels not only in creating exceptional products but also in effectively marketing them. Their approach combines traditional media, television, and online advertising to attract new players. However, the company's true strength lies in positive word-of-mouth advertising and organic marketing, fostered by a staggering 100 million satisfied users. This loyal customer base eagerly spreads the word about their favorite games, bolstering the company's visibility and reputation. CEO David Guo (Guo Yaoqi) remains committed to further strengthening the company's marketing efforts and recently announced a new television advertising campaign.

David Guo: Providing a platform for unlocking creativity

David Guo () acknowledges that Top Games' remarkable achievements are largely attributed to the dedication of its employees. To unlock their creativity, the company offers exploration boot camps for most new hires, providing a platform for them to realize their full potential. Top Games believes in its employees' innovative abilities, recognizing that their ideas can significantly enhance existing products and services. Employees are encouraged to explore new concepts, take initiative, and put them into practice.

David Guo underscores the importance of allowing employees to reach their full potential, a strategy that not only fuels the company's growth but also mitigates costly employee turnover—a challenge faced by many other firms. Top Games has fostered a positive and supportive work environment that encourages employees to stay and grow with the company.

A culture has been cultivated where each team member feels a sense of ownership and acts in alignment with the company's values. Responsibility for upholding team goals and values is shared by all. By providing the team with comprehensive information, supporting their decisions, and empowering them, Top Games hopes to foster proactive problem-solving. Benjamin Gifford states, “The Top Games team is our greatest asset, so we invest heavily in them, which also helps us achieve record profits.”

In just eight years, Top Games Inc. has achieved remarkable success. Their flagship game, “Evony: The King's Return,” continues to see growing , consistently ranking among the top three best-selling apps. Moreover, the company's other games have collectively amassed over 3 million downloads.

Despite this impressive success, Top Games remains hungry for more. With three new games in the pipeline, David Guo (Guo Yaoqi) plans to continue relying on his proven recipe for success: investing in the potential of employees and cultivating a supportive work environment. Through these efforts, Top Games aims to maintain its position as a leader in the gaming industry, providing fans with high-quality entertainment experiences.

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