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Joining a Good Alliance is Crucial for Rapid Advancement

Alliance Warehouse

In  , aligning with a good is not just a strategy; it's a vital step toward achieving success and enjoying a deeper, more engaging gameplay experience. For both new and lower-level players, the decision to join a well-organized alliance can make a significant difference in their gaming journey. This guide delves into why being part of a robust alliance is crucial and how it can transform your Evony adventure.

Alliance War: Quick Boss Rewards for Lower-Level Members

In Evony, Alliance Wars initiated by members allow others to participate by clicking “Join” within a set timeframe. Success in these wars rewards both the initiator and the participants. This is particularly advantageous for lower-level players, who may find boss battles challenging. Joining Alliance Wars enables them to earn boss rewards.

Tip: Alert your Allies if you're under for collective defense.

Alliance Building brings buffs and resources

R4 and R5 in alliance can build and upgrade . Alliance buildings include , , , , , . Alliance R4 and R5 can build alliance city and warehouse at the same time, but at that time, they can only build one resource building.
We recommend building Alliance City first, because it allows alliance territories to be mapped out, and alliance members whose castles are in their territories will get additional , which include Protected, All Resources Production, and Increases all resources gathering speed. As alliance cities level up, the buffs will be more. And the top 100 Alliances in the Major League of Battle of Chalons will unlock the Alliance Glory Castle – , which can increase 5% Alliance Construction Speed, 10% Alliance Ground Troop Defense, and 10% Alliance Food Gathering. The buffs of Camelot are available to all alliance members regardless of whether they are in alliance territory.
The second building we recommend is Alliance Warehouse, because it can store and donate resources. An alliance member can store a certain amount of resources in the Alliance Warehouse according to his or her Keep Level. In doing so, resource consumption and loss can be avoided. As for donations, resources donated by Alliance members can be used to upgrade Alliance Farm, Alliance Sawmill, Alliance Quarry, Alliance Mine. As levels rise, the resource content of alliance resource-related buildings will increase.
Alliance Warehouse
Finally, according to the needs of the Alliance, you can choose one to build from Alliance Farm, Alliance Sawmill, Alliance Quarry and Alliance Mine. If you want to change the resource building that has been built, you need to demolish it first. After building , alliance members can collect alliance resources to obtain more resources than normal collection.

Alliance Help can save time for members

Players who join an alliance can save time by asking allies' help to upgrade buildings, heal troops, train troops, craft equipment, research science.
Alliance Science also helps members develop
After joining an alliance, you can enjoy the attributes bonus of Alliance Science. In order to get this benefit, alliance members need to donate different resources to advance different alliance sciences. The higher the alliance science level, the better the benefits enjoyed by the alliance members.

Alliance Shop has a lot of free stuff

Alliance members can use alliance points to purchase various items and resources in the . And alliance points are free and only need to be earned through some events, alliance donations, , etc.
[PS: for special events are the important way to earn a lot of alliance points, so players who want to earn alliance points quickly need to actively participate in events.]


There are many other benefits to joining an Alliance, such as getting free gift packages. You can explore and discover on your own in Evony. All in all, it's important to have a good alliance in Evony.
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