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Get General Jan Karol Chodkiewicz at Evony & Kong Collaboration Event Round 4

Evony × Kong Skull Island 1
The 4th round of the Evony and Event was released on Evony. There are a lot of exclusive events, , new General , and many other events, rare decorations, and rewards. Let us take a look at the details.

No.1 The way to acquire General Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Join the Skull Island Defense Event

This event can be seen on the page. During the event, we need to purchase to upgrade defenses against the powerful prehistoric creature from Skull Island, which is shown as the EXP level of Treasure.
When our Treasure reaches Lv10, we can claim General Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, Kong's City, and (). In addition, we can also gain a Civilization Scroll Chest () at Lv4 and (Interior) at Lv8.

No.2 Exclusive Events in Kong Collaboration Event Round 4

Login Rewards

There is a free chance to get decorations and other exciting things during this event.
We can claim the special (3 Days) by logging in for 3 days, and claim 5 Weaver's Flares when we log in for 7 days. The Weaver's Flare can be used to call Kong in our city. There are also many other login rewards, so log on every day.

Evony created this event by combining the film situation that Iwi created the giant stone tablet to worship Kongs and hid it in the lair of Kong's ancestors. We can get enough from Relics to locate the Beast Lair, and find the giant stone tablet for Iwi to receive treasures.

Ancient Island Hunt

Kong was tainted by 's poison. During the event, if we defeat Skullcrawlers, we will acquire Fatal Fangs, which can be used to summon . Defeat Shadow of Kong, and we can gain Wine-steeped Fruits and . Use them to weaken monsters.

Challenge Kong

This event really excites me a lot. After three rounds of collaboration events, we finally had a chance to fight Kong in the game. During this event, Kong will have 5 different battle stances. For different forms of the Kong, we need to use different kinds of troops to successfully.
When Kong's HP drops to 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0%, a large number of treasures will drop nearby. We can go to claim them at that time and have a chance to get the Weaver's signal flare.

Mysterious Island Adventure

Gather resources, defeat monsters, and complete daily activity tasks to gain . Using Silver and on the page can increase the Adventure Mission Level and receive corresponding rewards.
We can get up to 5 Silver Adventure Badges from Resource Spots and 25 Silver Adventure Badges from monsters.

In this round, Evony held an Exhibition to memorize our adventure on Skull Island. We can draw a with . Pigments can be obtained from Resource Spots, monsters, and the Store. After we activate all 4 Remembrances, we will get recorder rewards.
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