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Poligenus: The Guide to Evony’s Exalted Leader of the Firesworn Clan

Mounted General Poligenus

, the wise and mighty leader of the Clan in the realm of Evony. Often compared to as a formidable for , Poligenus is an Epic Historic General who has ignited hope in the city-state and cemented his place as a true legend. Here, we present an exhaustive guide to General Poligenus, unraveling his Special Skills, Specialties, epic story, and the ways to acquire him.

Mounted General Poligenus

The Legend of Poligenus Firesworn

In the heart of the Golden Empire, a beacon of wisdom and power emerged—a leader known as Poligenus, “The Exalted Prophet.” His name became synonymous with enlightenment, as he guided his people into an era of advanced civilization, nurturing both their minds and souls. But not all admired his greatness. His selfless acts and egalitarian principles angered King Zucca, leading to a cruel and twisted game where honor and destiny were at stake.

Faced with the king's merciless wrath and the rumblings of rebellion, Poligenus took a journey that would define his legacy. Ascending the sacred Etna Volcano, he braved the searing heat and lifted the mystical Blade of Flames. This was no mere sword; it was a symbol of hope, a source of fire that his people desperately needed. His defiance came at a cost, and he was left chained, exposed to the wild elements and the relentless torment of a predatory eagle.

But Poligenus was not broken. His sufferings only forged a deeper commitment to his people and a solemn oath that resonated within his soul. In a triumphant escape, he broke free from his chains and left the Golden Empire, anointed as the king of those who believed in him. They became the “Firesworn,” and under his compassionate rule, they flourished.

The tale of Poligenus Firesworn is not just a story; it is an epic saga that weaves courage, sacrifice, and undying loyalty. His name still echoes across the realm, a symbol of what it means to be a true leader. As you embark on your journey within the world of Evony, may his legend inspire you to reach new heights and awaken the Firesworn within you.

Poligenus's Special Skills: A Detailed Insight

  • Foresight: Elevates ground and mounted troops' by 40%, while boosting mounted troops' defense and HP by 25% during attack.
    • 1-star: Ground and attributes +5%
    • 2-star: Increased Enemy In-city Troop death rate +10%
    • 3-star: +10%, March Size Capacity +10%
    • 4-star: Ground and Mounted Troop Defense and HP +20%
    • 5-star: Marching Mounted Troop Attack +30%, Defense and HP +25%

Max Level Specialties: Tailoring Your Strategy

  • Mounted Troop Assault: Attack and HP +10%
  • Strike: March Speed +10%; Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  • War God: All Troop Attack +6%
  • Firesworn: Mounted Troop Attack +40%; Defense +35%

The Way to Get General Poligenus

  1. Epic Historic General Token

You will have a great chance to get the General Poligenus from the (Premium) token. And the probability of getting Poligenus from the tokens is higher during Evony's Independent Day Event.
So, how can we get the Epic Historic General Premium token?
  • The 5th-tier Event Package
  • – Points rewards, the final tier of the Monthly Package, and Lucky Bos IV
  • VIP Premium Package – VIP11 to VIP25
  • Champion Loyalty Rewards – Champion Lv11 to Lv20
  • – Elite League Monarch Scores reach 3500, Legendary League Monarch Scores reach 4300, and Epic League Monarch Scores reach 3400 and 4200
  1. General Token Chest – Epic General Token

  • VIP Premium Package – VIP1 to VIP4
  • Champion Loyalty Rewards – Lv4 to Lv10
  • Alliance Competition – Novice League Monarch Scores reach 2600 and Junior League Monarch Scores reach 3000
  1. Historic General Summoning

During the Independent Day Event, Evony increases the chance of summoning Poligenus by 600%. So this seems an effective way to get Poligenus during the event. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't get Poligenus from later after the Independent Day Event.

The Legend of Poligenus: A Tale of Compassion and Strength

In the Golden Empire, Poligenus hailed as “The Exalted Prophet,” ushered his people into enlightenment, clashing with a cruel king and enduring trials on the sacred Etna Volcano. Despite torments, his commitment never wavered. Rising from his chains, Poligenus led the Firesworn, flourishing as a compassionate and formidable king.

The Power of Poligenus

Poligenus offers a dynamic and exciting playstyle for Evony's veterans, adding depth to mounted troop strategies and enriching the lore of the game. His balanced skill set and compelling story make him an essential figure to master for those looking to conquer new horizons. With multiple ways to acquire this charismatic leader, now is the perfect time to embrace the Firesworn Clan's legacy and unleash Poligenus's might upon your foes.

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