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The Story and Skills of Emperor Simeon the Great in Evony

Simeon the Great

, often known as Simeon I, was an emperor who notably led the First Bulgarian Empire. Renowned as a formidable sovereign, his rule marked an era of extraordinary cultural prosperity and enlightenment in Bulgaria, often referred to as the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture. This article will explore Simeon the Great's story, his unique abilities, and how players can obtain him in the game.

Simeon the Great
Simeon the Great

The Story of Simeon the Great

Simeon ascended to the Bulgarian throne in 893 with grand ambitions, eyeing the crown of the Roman emperor. In the summer of 917, he led a massive force of 60,000 troops in an invasion against the Byzantine Empire. His victory at the Battle of Achelous was a significant milestone, leading him to march on Constantinople, the most fortified city of the Middle Ages. Despite failing to breach the walls of Constantinople, his army wreaked havoc across Byzantine territories, significantly undermining the empire's dignity.

Over the next five years, the Bulgarian forces approached Constantinople four times. In 925, in defiance of Byzantine opposition, Simeon declared the Byzantine people as his subjects and proclaimed himself Emperor of the Romans and Bulgarians. This bold move cemented his position as the uncontested ruler of Southeast Europe.

Simeon the Great Special Skill

Empire Offensive – Increases ranged troops and siege machines' by 20% when the is leading the army to attack. Increases ranged troops' attack by another 15% when the General brings any dragon.

Simeon the Great is an , so the stars of his Special Skill will be added by General Ascending, and each star has a new skill. The details can be followed the under the picture.

Simeon the Great Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Formation – Ranged Troop Attack +10%, Ranged Troop Defense +10%
  • Siege – March Size Capacity +6%, Attacking and Ranged Troop Attack +10%
  • War God – All Troop Attack +6%
  • Battle of Achelous – Marching Ranged Troop Attack +35%, Marching Ranged Troop Defense +35%

The way to get this General

Simeon the Great can not be recruited in Tavern but can get from order.
  • Purchase packages

By purchasing the final tier of the event packages, you will have a chance to get an Epic Historic General order which has a certain probability of getting Simeon the Great.
  • Limited Recruit

Participating in the , you can get the General fragments of Simeon the Great when he is put in the event pool. Limited Recruit Event will change generals' type each round. In order to get Simeon the Great, you need to wait for the Ranged Troops' round.
  • King's Scheme

Join the King's Scheme Event, and you will have a chance to Simeon the Great after you redeem the third item – Epic Historic General (Super). Epic Historic General (Super) can only be redeemed once during the event time.
  • Wheel of Fortune

Turn to the Tavern in your city, and click the “”. You can consume chips to spin, then you are possible to get the Epic Historic General order which can summon Simeon the Great potentially.
  • VIP Premium Package

When your VIP level reaches V11 and above, you can get Epic Historic General (Premium) from Premium Package. Use the Epic Historic General (Premium) and you will have a chance to summon Simeon the Great. Moreover, when you reach VIP14, 15, and 16, you can get 30 Historic General Fragments (Simeon the Great) from Premium Package.
  • Others

There may be an Auction House Event, some special events, or other ways to get Simeon the Great in the future. Let us look forward to them.
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