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Top Games CEO David Guo on Hassle-Free Gaming Experience


Are you a war strategy game aficionado with a penchant for mobile gaming? If so, you're likely familiar with “,” the brainchild of “Top Games Inc.,” a global mobile game developer with offerings in over 150 countries and 26 languages. The indie company is best known for Evony: The King's Return, an MMO war strategy game, as of today, has generated more than 200 million and won numerous industry awards.

The Rise of Evony

Evony has etched its mark in the gaming world, ranking #5 in the Top 10 US-HQ'd Mid-Core Games by Consumer Spend, according to Under the of CEO , Evony amassed over 62 million downloads last year alone, generating upwards of $220 million in annual . This epic real-time MMO (massively multiplayer online game) captivates players with its unique storyline, beginning with the selection of civilizations and allowing players to leverage the expertise of legendary generals to expand their empires.

The Journey of Evony

Evony gained massive attention with its star-studded Superbowl 2017 advertisement, and seven years on, it remains a favorite among strategy game enthusiasts. However, many players may be less acquainted with the game's developer, Founded in 2016, the company launched its journey with , laying the foundation for its future successes.

Top Games Inc.'s Other Ventures

After the global success of Evony, Top Games Inc. ventured into new realms with titles like Plague of Z, a gripping military war game set in a zombie-infested world. Players navigate through sieges and recruit survivors to rebuild and defend their cities against relentless undead attacks.

Following this, the company released Mafia Origin on the Google Play Store. This Mafia-themed strategy game immerses players in a narrative of honor and revenge, where choices dictate the fate of Liberty City and its struggle against the Mafia.

Focus on User Experience

From its inception, Top Games Inc. has prioritized in every aspect of game development and operations. The team's philosophy is simple: understand the users and their desires, then tailor the product functions to meet those needs, always keeping a keen eye on user feedback.

David Guo on Hassle-Free Gaming Experience

David Guo, the driving force behind Top Games Inc., oversees all crucial departments with a belief in empathy and humility. With a background in multimedia management and cybersecurity, Guo's approach to game design is player-centric.

“At Top Games Inc., we design our games with the user in mind, allowing players to make friends and become a part of gaming communities,” he asserts.

David Guo believes that while games should be entertaining, they should also provide a straightforward and hassle-free experience. This philosophy aligns with the company's commitment to fostering friendships and community-building among players. According to Guo, Top Games Inc. strives to create fun, innovative, and fulfilling RPG experiences that not only entertain but also forge meaningful connections and influence real lives​​.

Looking Ahead

The is a landscape of constant evolution and fierce competition. Survival hinges on meeting user needs and providing exceptional service. With its steadfast commitment to user experience, Top Games Inc. is poised to continue its trajectory of developing outstanding mobile gaming projects.

In conclusion, Evony's success story is a testament to Top Games Inc.'s dedication to immersive gameplay and user satisfaction. As the industry evolves, so will the company, undoubtedly bringing more innovative and engaging experiences to the global gaming community. Keep an eye on Top Games Inc. – a company that knows the heart of its players and strives to exceed their expectations.

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