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Unlocking the Power of Temples and Resource Spots (Part 2)


has various spots and Buildings on the World Map that can boost your progress and provide resources. However, navigating the map can be overwhelming for new players. In Part 1, we discussed exploring the World Map and unlocking the City of Throne. Part 2 will focus on the importance of the , , , and , as well as , , and Alliance Cities, which can help you progress and strengthen your Alliance.

Arch of Triumph: A Hall of Fame

The Arch of Triumph can be opened by meeting any of the following requirements:

  • Complete the first victory of .
  • Have any player on the Server open an Lv1 Wonder.
  • Have any player on the Server enter the Top 300 in Constantinople Season Ranking or Gaugamela Season Ranking.

Players who rank in the top 3 in the Server War, top 300 in Season, top 300 in Battle of Gaugamela Season, and players who unlock their Wonder, will be recorded into the . Players can send flowers to those in the Achievement Records, with each player allowed to send up to 3 flowers per day. Flower senders will receive Flower Rewards.

Temples: Blessings and Punishments

The , , and are important locations that provide unique Blessings and Punishments depending on your Server's performance in the Server War.

Hunter Temple

Blessing: Gallop

  • Players can claim mysterious treasures near the Hunter Temple every 6 hours
  • Increase by 20%
  • Increase march speed to monsters by 50%

Punishment: Turtle March

  • Receive a turtle
  • Reduce march speed by 20%
  • Reduce march speed to monsters by 50%

Harvest Temple

Blessing: Abundance

  • Players can claim mysterious treasures near the Harvest Temple every 6 hours
  • Increase gathering speed by 20%.

Punishment: Desolation

  • Reduce gathering speed by 20%

Forging Temple

Blessing: Workmanship

  • Players can claim mysterious treasures near the Forging Temple every 6 hours
  • Increase Research Factory's material production speed by 10%

Punishment: Corrosion

  • Reduce Research Factory's material production speed by 10%

Resource Spots and Gem Mines

On Evony's server world map, Resource Spots include Farms, SawmillsQuarries, and Iron Mines. You can obtain resources and other rewards by occupying and gathering from these spots. , as the name suggests, allows you to gather Gems and other rewards.

Note: Resources Gathering Speedups only work on Resource Spots, not Gem Mines.

Relics and Alliance Cities

Use a Magic Treasure Map to locate a on the server map and explore it. You can also explore Ally's Relics or occupy other Alliance's Relics to obtain rewards. Alliance Cities are integral for strengthening your Alliance. The higher the level of the Alliance City, the more powerful the Alliance Buff and the higher the Alliance Contribution limit.

Building and Upgrading Alliance Cities

To build an , the Alliance leader must have the following prerequisites:

  • The Alliance must be at least level 5.
  • The Alliance leader must reach Castle level 25.
  • The Alliance leader must have at least 200 million power.

Once the requirements are met, the leader can choose an open area on the server map and build the Alliance City. To upgrade the Alliance City, Alliance members need to contribute Alliance City Resources, which can be obtained by gathering resources, donating, or purchasing packs. The higher the Alliance City level, the more powerful the Alliance Buff and the higher the Alliance Contribution limit.


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