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What better experience can we expect from the 4.37.0 version of Evony?

Currently, has made some adjustments and optimizations in version 4.37.0, which will bring us a better experience. Many features such as Interface, Interface, Feature, and have been improved to some extent. Please read this article to understand more details.

Optimization of General Interface

Evony added the new List mode to Generals, which allows us to see more Generals on one page. In List mode, we can see the status of all Generals faster. The default is Details mode, and we can click on the button to switch modes.
They also added a Tab feature for us to the Select General and Select Mayor interfaces so that we can choose General more conveniently.

Optimization of Monarch Interface

Now we can choose whether or not to disclose our resources and developments because more Monarch Details are now available for public viewing after the update. We just need to click our Monarch Avatar and click “Detail” to check the details we want to share. In return, we can view other Monarchs' public details on their Monarch Detail page.

Optimization of Refinement Feature

They divided Refinement attributes into different quality levels (gold, orange, purple and white) based on the value, and added notification options to the Refinement feature. After this adjustment, we can select the color and attribute options (in Advanced Filter) to show or hide notifications.

Optimization of Treasure Hunt Event

In this version, Evony fixed the following issues about the Treasure Hunt Event:
  • They fixed the issue that the may disappear when players send troops to explore .
  • They fixed the issue that troops of players from different may have an unexpected battle when exploring Pyramid Ruins.
In addition, they also added the maximum daily number of Pyramid explorations. Therefore, players can now explore Pyramid Ruins up to 20 times per day.
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